Capacity Building

PAMCA is committed towards building the capacity of women leaders in the control of vector-borne diseases (VBDs) in Africa. More so, mobilizing expertise and a pool of technically skilled women in the field of VBDs. The trainings include leadership and management and vector management specialized courses. These training are rolled out by PAMCA Secretariat in conjunction with consultants who are hired for a specific training. Participant recruitment is through a competitive process where calls for applications are made, applications reviewed, and participants shortlisted. Nominations of participants for the trainings are also be considered, however, subject to the course and determined on case-by-case basis. Only women working on VBDs in Africa are trained. The trainings are tailor-made to the needs of participants and in consultation with training professionals. In addition to the training, PAMCA is developing a knowledge management platform and discussion forums for women in vector control.