Networking, Collaboration & Partnerships

PAMCA Chapter WiVC Initiatives. PAMCA works with chapters to establish WiVC initiative in various countries or centers of excellence. PAMCA WiVC chapter initiative is driven by ambassadors or champions who work closely with WiVC regional coordinators and Chapter secretariat.

Expertise Database. PAMCA WiVC initiated a profiling exercise to create an expert database and contact repository of women involved in the control of VBDs. This exercise is taking place in PAMCA’s membership countries across Africa and members can cut across young, senior, upcoming scientists, entomologists, non-entomologists, social scientists, entomology administrators, etc. The online expertise database will be hosted within the PAMCA platform and will contain profiles of WiVC within the continent.

WiVC Online Community. An online community forum has been created and is anchored on PAMCA website & PAMCA WiVC community are invited to engage through the platform and social media channels for WiVC. Through the forum women are invited to interact freely both formally and informally.