Visibility of African women in vector control

To increase visibility of African women in vector control, PAMCA has created a WiVC Excellence Recognition and Travel Award scheme.

The WiVC Excellence Award is to recognize and award women who are doing or have done exemplary in addressing VBDs. This will be done through a competitive process where women at each level of career (early, mid and senior) will be recognized and awarded. The year 2021 marked the first edition of the PAMCA WiVC Excellence Award of Recognition.

The WiVC Travel Grant supports women who would like to attend either local or international meetings to present their research work or attend technical working groups or stakeholders’ engagement meetings that focuses on VBDs work. Registration fees is provided for virtual meetings. Regional balance/distribution, level in career (early, mid and senior) and relevance of the meeting are among the factors to be considered when awarding.

Further, the PAMCA WiVC Programme hosts webinars, symposia, roundtable discussions or panel talks that are tailor-made to empower WiVC. Speakers are drawn beyond the African continent.